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Dr. J.P. Cleary Elementary School.... serving 4th and 5th grade
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100 Days!
Mrs. McCoy's class Celebrates 100 days of School!

Cheetahs of the month for January!

Congratulations to our January Cheetah’s of the Month!
5th Grade : Ream Ziyadeh
4th Grade: Jack Kollmer

And our other nominees:

Mackenzie Irving

Van Morton

Tori Thompson

Kenya Cruz

Daniel DiTullio

Jake Harris

Cammie Johnson

Isabell Salazar

Chelsea Schaller

Hannah Usyk

ART students
November - Tori Thompson
December - Donato Diaz Lopez

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” ~Pablo Picasso
Cheetah Pride PEP rally!
During our PEP rally, students were recognized for their achievements in academics & citizenship!
Activities were enjoyed by all!
Especially during the pie in the face activity! See photos below!!!!!!!!!

PEP rally continues...with PIES!

These students were caught doing good deeds around the school. #DoGooders


Principal & Honor Roll lists-Q2


Ms. Capone Honor Roll List
Vanelis Gonzalez Vasallo
Mrs. Grealis/Mrs. Guenther-Principal’s List
Emma Coia
Weylin Echevarria
Dylan O'Connell
Aaron Pulman
Hayden Rovani
Laila Silva
Jack Kollmer
Arabella Lankin
Brian Passamante
Mrs. Grealis/Mrs. Guenther-Honor Roll List
Troy DeFoor
Jalexis Agosto-Sanchez
Aurora Esquilin
Juliana Perez Garcia
Gianna Ranger-Rodriguez
Justin Tozer
Jada Ellis
Jenna Ewan
Leila Gibbs
Abigail Kollmer
Jack Mazzoni
Victor Monroy DeLarosa
Jaime Rivera
Tori Thompson
McCoy-Honor roll
Mareli Ocampo Rodriguez
Mr. Tavener/Mrs. Leslie Principal's List
Kenya Cruz
Maria Wiland
Jude Coates
Riley Daubenspeck
Cameryn Johnson
Kaelyn McHale 
Mr. Tavener/Mrs. Leslie Honor Roll List
Joshua Burns
Brooke Camp

Joshua Sharpe
Ethan Ennis
Matthew Lillia
Jalicia McKiver
Dulcemaria Shinault 
Ms. Williams Honor Roll List
Julian Nash
Julio Rodriguez
Mrs. Endres/Mr. Olive Principal's List
Saige Colon
Isabella Salazar
Lucas Boyle
Katrina Coia
Giana Torres
Hannah Usyk
Mrs. Endres/Mr. Olive Honor Roll List
Dominic Longona
Emily Sapello
Kayla Cruz
Donato Diaz-Lopez
Christina DiTullio
Lincoln DuBois
Logan Freeman
Lena Santore
Ms. Donahue/Mr. Henry Principal’s List
Gianna Lyons
Gabe Ridolfo
Hannah Watson
Ream Ziyadeh
Zuely Albelo
Jake Harris 
Charles Muzzarelli 
Ms. Donahue/Mr. Henry Honor Roll List
Anthony Fuentes-Crus
Abigail Morgan
Damien Marino
Alexandra Lawless
Zyany Torres 
Matthew Burger
Lillian Watson
Abbigail Zanghi
Faith Afanador
Julian Arbona
Cole Amato
Julia Sheridan 
Mrs. Houck/Mrs. Russell Principal’s List
Teagan Shover
Mason Merlino
Mrs. Houck/Mrs. Russell Honor Roll List
Xavier Dayton
Emily Gavrell
Tanner Innis
Van Morton
Joshua Reed
Kiley Derkotch
Sabrina Fichera
Gianna Kennison
Nautica Reighn
Ashley Remick
Responder breakfast

On Friday January 27th Cheetah of the Month nominees and winners took time to thank and have breakfast with local members of the police, fire and EMS services.  Representatives of the Buena Boro Police, Collings Lakes Fire Department, East Vineland Fire Department, Minotola Fire Department and Atlantic City Police Department spent time discussing their jobs and sharing stories with the students .

Philadelphia Public Radio Station WHYY sponsors a program called "WHYY I Like This Book." "WHYY I Like This Book" is an initiative from WHYY, sponsored by Harriet and Larry Weiss, and encourages children in kindergarten through twelfth grade to share their thoughts about a favorite book.
Cleary 5th Grader Zuely Albelo was one of about 20 students in the Delaware Valley chosen out of an applicant pool of 2,220. Zuely and other semi-finalists attended a dinner and reception at WHYY studios on January 26th, where she was recognized for her thoughts on the book "Because of Winn Dixie."
Pennies for Patients

J.P.Cleary Elementary School kicked off their
4th Annual Pennies for Patients Campaign on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017.  
Cleary students are joining the fight against blood cancer with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Student Series by collecting change to help those in need.


Flyers Assembly!
Franklin Institute
"Cleary School's field trip to the Franklin Institute!"
Students were able to view and enjoy the dinosaur exhibit as well as all the other exciting exhibits.

Decembers "Cheetahs of the Month"!
"Vincent Putney, 5th & Troy DeFoor, 4th"
Demonstrating exceptional character, service & scholarship!
Congratulations to our nominees: Cristo Paladino-Ramirez, Teagan Shover, Keven Collazo-Cuadrado & Grace Rivera.
Not present: Joshua Martinez & Yoselin Razo-Lopez
Dr. J.P. Cleary Elementary School
Principal list - Q1
Name Teacher AM
Coia, Katrina Mr. Olive
DiTullio, Christina Mr. Olive
Freeman, Logan Mr. Olive
Torres, Giana Mr. Olive
Usyk, Hannah Mr. Olive
Behrens, Tyler Mr. Tavener
Burns, Joshua Mr. Tavener
Camp, Brooke Mr. Tavener
Rosa Garcia, Katiushca Mr. Tavener
Colon, Saige Mrs. Endres
Longona, Dominic Mrs. Endres
Salazar, Isabella Mrs. Endres
Sapello, Emily Mrs. Endres
Kollmer, Abigail Mrs. Grealis
Pulman, Aaron Mrs. Grealis
Rovani, Hayden Mrs. Grealis
Thompson, Tori Mrs. Grealis
Kollmer, Jack Mrs. Guenther
Passamante, Brian Mrs. Guenther
Merlino, Mason Mrs. Houck
McHale, Kaelyn Mrs. Leslie
Shinault, Dulcemaria Mrs. Leslie
Shover, Teagan Mrs. Russell
Harris, Jake Ms. Donahue
Nash, Julian Ms. Williams
Dr. J.P. Cleary Elementary School
Honor Roll list - Q1 
Name Teacher AM
Dwyer, Madison Mr. Henry
Ridolfo, Gabriel Mr. Henry
Watson, Hannah Mr. Henry
Boyle, Lucas Mr. Olive
Cruz, Kayla Mr. Olive
Diaz-Lopez, Donato Mr. Olive
DuBois, Lincoln Mr. Olive
Krail, Melissa Mr. Olive
Nichols, Richard Mr. Olive
Santore, Lena Mr. Olive
Cruz, Kenya Mr. Tavener
Marco, Ethan Mr. Tavener
Sharpe, Joshua Alexander Mr. Tavener
Gomez, Hector Mrs. Endres
Pellegrini, Giana Mrs. Endres
Brown, Raymon Mrs. Grealis
Coia, Emma Mrs. Grealis
Ellis, Jada Mrs. Grealis
Ewan, Jenna Mrs. Grealis
Mazzoni, Jack Mrs. Grealis
Monroy DeLarosa, Victor Mrs. Grealis
Agosto-Sanchez, Jalexis Mrs. Guenther
Esquilin, Aurora Mrs. Guenther
Inman, Mya Mrs. Guenther
Lankin, Arabella Mrs. Guenther
Wiggins, Jah'Yonnah Mrs. Guenther
Derkotch, Kiley Mrs. Houck
Fichera, Sabrina Mrs. Houck
Kennison, Gianna Mrs. Houck
Reighn, Nautica Mrs. Houck
Remick, Ashley Mrs. Houck
Coates, Jude Mrs. Leslie
Collins, Jordan Mrs. Leslie
Daubenspeck, Riley Mrs. Leslie
Ennis, Ethan Mrs. Leslie
Johnson, Cameryn Mrs. Leslie
Perry, Jaelyn Mrs. Leslie
Gomez, Jayden Mrs. McCoy
Dayton, Xavier Mrs. Russell
Gavrell, Emily Mrs. Russell
Innis, Tanner Mrs. Russell
Matos, Jose Ms. Donahue
Rodriguez, Julio Ms. Williams
Gonzalez Vasallo, Vanelis Ms.Capone
Gonzalez, Omar Ms.Capone
Schaller, Chelsea Ms.Capone
Muzzarelli, Charles Ms.Donahue
Thanksgiving events!
November's "Cheetahs of the Month"!
"Gianna Lyons, 5th & Mason Merlino, 4th"
Demonstrating exceptional character, service & scholarship!

Congratulations to our nominees: Emily Gavrell, Mya Inman, Mareli Ocampo-Rodriguez, Jaime Rivera, Zuely Albelo, Brook Camp, Cole Chinnici, Saige Colon,Yareth Jimenez Chelsea Schaller & Dulcemaria Shinault
Winter Concert
Octobers "Cheetahs of the month!"
"Donato Diaz Lopez,5th & Addision Esposito,4th"
Demonstrating exceptional character, service & scholarship!

Congratulations to our nominees: Jayden Gomez, Kiara Hobdy, Gianna Krumaker, Jada Malloy, Emma St. Dennis, Maya Cortez, Giana Pellegrini, Stephen Pepper & Vanelis Gonzalez-Vasallo
AtlantiCare Poster contest
We are happy to announce that Isabella Hernandez 5th grade student at your school, has been selected as a Winner of the 2016 AtlantiCare’s Eat This, Not That Poster Contest.
The prize for this contest entails a Healthy Schools representative delivering a fresh fruit platter along with a certificate we hope you will present to Isabella to your school’s office the morning of Wednesday, December 21st, to be shared by Isabella’s classmates, to further encourage and promote healthy eating during the Holiday Season. 
Please extend our thanks to the teacher(s) that were involved in promoting this contest with their students. This year we received submissions from 19 schools and greatly appreciate partnering schools addressing the topics of health and nutrition within your school.
Christine Guzman
Health Educator
AtlantiCare Healthy Schools, Healthy Children
6550 Delilah Road – Suite 211
Egg Harbor Township, NJ  08234
Office:(609) 272-6276
Fax: (609) 272-6278
"Austin The Unstoppable" assembly. Bringing Diabetes awareness to students!
Zoo field trip
Pirate Party
Mock Election

Students gave a short speech of their abilities and why they should be elected as President!
Bookaneer Book Fair!

Grand Event! Where Books  are the Treasure!
Students invited a Grandparent or Someone Special  into School to shop at the Book Fair.
School Mall Winner-Jack Mazzoni
Box Tops
Thank you parents and students for taking the time to collect and turn in Box Tops! You have collected a total of 1,851 box tops, earning our school $185. 10 in two months! WAY TO GO!!!
The box tops trophy will go to Mrs. Endres' class, they collected a total of 297 box tops.
Mrs. Russell's class was close, they collected 242 box tops! Great job!
I would like to recognize our TOP collectors, each bringing in over 100 box tops. Our top collector is Ethan Ennis who brought in 169! 
DuBois collected 150, Tanner Innis, 142, Jake Harris, 133, Dominic Longona, 125 and Jenna Ewan with 114!
Thank you to everyone who participates

Another way to earn money for Dr. J.P. Cleary Elementary School, is to go to ShopRiteForMySchool.com

Cleary would like to go give a HUGE shout out to Mrs. DuBois for volunteering her time with managing  "Box Tops" !

Fire prevention assembly
September's "Cheetahs of the month"
"Kaelyn McHale, 5th & Raymon Brown, 4th"
Demonstrating exceptional character, service & scholarship!

Congratulations to our nominees: Joshua Sharpe, Xavier Dayton, Mason Merlino, Laycie Levari, Brian Passamante, Gianna Lyons, Katrina Coia,
Lilia Oyola & Dominic Longona




Pep rally
Willy Green
I would like to thank everyone for taking part in our chili day and helping us to raise over $100 for St. Baldrick's Day.  
Please go to the link above and sign up as a volunteer for our St. Baldrick's day event on Tuesday, June 7th.  This only takes a few minutes and since you are all working on that day and will be helping out anyway you might as well sign up. This event is open to friends and family so please spread the word. 
Thanks again,  
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